There are 2 featured artists at Crossroads Roxborough

Lynnette Shelley
Mixed Media on Paper
“Dragon Dance”

Lynnette Shelley

Robert L. Borucki
“Water Garden”

Robert L. Borucki

One Response to Artwork

  1. Maryanne McDevitt says:

    Hello Michael. Your website looks great! I’m still tweaking mine…. I passed on the information about you and Crossroads to the person who updates our website, and asked her very nicely to put it up soon… so I hope that happens. I also will be thinking about what you might like to display in your window. If you get to the Roxy DC a few doors down and take a look at what our members have there, let me know what you would like to see in your windows… We do have lots more, and lots more artists, but I think it might help if you told me what sort of items you might like, then I’ll try to think of the person who does that kind of work… Hope to hear from you soon… and thanks again. Maryanne
    P.S. Those coffee sacks you have in the window, do you have a lot of them? I had an idea about using them, if you do…

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