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I began my professional food career at 26. I am the son of Michael and Amelia Loughlin who opened the roxborough location in 2006. I seek creative yet simply prepared menu options. I personally brought the art of bread baking to crossroads through a friend of mine.

Soup Time

Hey Everybody,  It’s Mike Jr from crossroads.  I want to talk about soups.  We serve several different soups that we make at the shop.  Our 3 Bean Chili is vegan and gluten free recipe that we’ve offered since opening in … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin, Cinnamon, Ginger, Cloves, Sugar, Salt, Eggs, Evaporated Milk, Butter, Vinegar, Flour

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Tiramisu means “pick me up”

Tiramisu – Lady fingers dipped in brandy, espresso and iced coffee, layered with a zabaione custard

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Artist Lisa K. Reisman

Lisa K. Reisman This is a Serigraph Pastels & Giclee

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Lending Library

Crossroads Roxborough occupies a shoestore with an addition that was built in 1927.  These days the first floor is the dining room and upstairs is a lending library.  Our estimated capacity for books is around 8,000.  Currently we have 700 … Continue reading

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Vanilla Cookies with Cupcake Icing

These cookies are derived from a recipe Amelia, my mom, swapped for while i was a boy.  They were served traditionally at Christmas time and our neighbor made a variation with almond.  Due to nut allergies we serve only vanilla.  Almond … Continue reading

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Philadelphia Guild of Handweavers

This is a center for fiber arts located in Manyunk. Unfortunately their space has been under repairs due to fall floods so they’ll be meeting at Crossroads Roxborough tonight at 7PM.

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The Milky Way and Galactose

Why do we heat milk and add it to espresso? Subjectively speaking, to create a rich, sweet, coffee flavored beverage. Lactose is a simple sugar that represents 30% of the calorie content in milk. When milk is heated, lactose is … Continue reading

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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Pressing today: Another bean roasted by Counter Culture Coffee Roasters. Tasting notes include notes of blueberries and sttrawberries.

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Images of America: Roxborough

Silvia Meyers is responcible for sourcing many of the photographs and facts used to assemble this historical reference book of Roxborough. Sivia is a dedicated volunteer of the Roxborough Historical Society. Crossroads has a copy available to lend but we … Continue reading

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